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Deliver Better is seeking reference style content to be featured on the Deliver Better website. We are seeking submissions from software delivery stakeholders, established technologists, and technology leaders. For any questions not addressed on this page regarding the contribution process, please email deliverbetter@harness.io.

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How to contribute to Deliver Better

Deliver Better welcomes curated or original guest content from software delivery experts that offer context, education, and guidance for our readers. Topics we’re looking to highlight include:


Kubernetes resources
Multi-container Applications
Kubernetes Networking Concepts
Access control for Kubernetes Resources
Persistent Storage

Continuous Integration

CI concepts & tools for: Develop, Build, and Test
Building a CI pipeline
Tools and resources for CI

Continuous Delivery

Infrastructure Provisioning
Release Strategies 
Pipeline Management:
- Security
- Audit and Compliance
Change Management

Digital Transformation

DI concepts & tools for:
- DevOps
- Agile Methodologies
- Practices

Digital Transformation Concepts and Tools

Agile Methodologies and Practices
Agile Tools and Resources

General Topics we’re looking to feature include:

Open Source
- Best practices
- Case studies, and stories
Site Reliability Engineering
Analytics/DataTesting and Test Automation
Deployment Automation and Configuration Management
Developer Frameworks
Programming/Scripting Languages
Operating Systems and Distributions

Our editorial style

Please read these thoroughly before submitting a content piece for consideration. 

What We Look For

Concise Content
The most successful content on Deliver Better offers a concise viewpoint with strong takeaways that align with the topics that matter to tech leaders, managers, DevOps engineers, and developers. The goal is to curate and summarize written reference content that anyone with software delivery stakes can read to learn the skills needed to work in modern technology enterprise. The content caters to readers in IT leadership, DevOps, Cloud environments, and all application architectures. Content often features tips and resources in the form of bulleted or numbered lists.
The People Perspective
We give a strong preference to authors with a DevOps, Developer, leader title (CTO, VP of IT, etc), or Product Manager title in order to offer readers a learning perspective based on personas. Example: A Manager's Guide to DevOps
Word Count
500-1200 words is the recommended length for reference content on Deliver Better. There is no firm word count requirement. Consider splitting content into two pieces or editing content that is longer than 1300 words.

Article Requirements

Before you submit an article draft for our consideration, please do the following:

Proof Your Article
Our community managers will peer review and proofread your contribution before publication. Content with excessive typos or poor quality may be returned or rejected.

Link to Sources
If your material references a document, site, book, or quote please hyperlink the sources and any additional recommended resources within the content.

Create Subheadings
If your article is longer than 500 words, consider adding subheads to break up the text and make your article easier to read. Subheadings should be consistent (e.g. if the first subhead starts with a verb, all should start with a verb).

Check our Editorial Style Guideline
See below. 

First-Time Authors
If you are submitting your first article, please include your bio, headshot, full name, title, company, and Twitter handle.

Editorial Style Guideline

Please follow the editorial style guidelines listed below:
Write in the active voice.
Keep the introduction to 1-3 sentences. Let readers get to the how-to portion of the story.
Use serial commas (i.e. cat, dog, and mouse).
Write out numbers below 10 (i.e. nine, eight, and seven).
Use bullet points or numbering when describing processes or providing a tutorial
Place periods and commas inside quotation marks.
Avoid random acts of capitalization (i.e. agile vs. Agile, big data vs. Big Data, etc).
Use a single space after the period.
Only use single quotation marks around quotes within quotes.
Spell out the word “percent” vs using %.
Spell out abbreviations and acronyms upon the first reference.
Provide captions for any screenshots, figures, and tables.

Sample Content Outline

Before you submit an article draft for our consideration, please do the following:

Paragraph 1
Define the reference topic. What are the pain points and challenges this content will address in relation to software delivery?

Paragraphs 2, 3, 4
Offer reference material and content on how to solve the pain points in an informative way. Cite credible sources or resources and use examples when possible.

Final Paragraph
Conclude with a summary, why should the reader care? Share some takeaways like resources and advice that ties back to the introduction.